Saturday, February 1, 2014

Part 1: Meet a Couple of Aliens

1.1 Meet Bridget and Gwendolyn, a couple of aliens masquerading as pets.

1.2 On their home planet Hissyfit, they lived a natural life without primates or problems.

1.3 How then did Bridget and Gwendolyn come to find themselves on Earth, a planet teeming with primates?

Part 1: Dumb Luck

1.4 Dumb luck . . . and a Transportation Silo or TS, as the now-extinct primates of the planet Hissyfit used to call them.

1.5 You see, one day on their home planet Hissyfit, Bridget and Gwendolyn stumbled across an ancient TS, having no clue to its function.

1.6 Gwendolyn insists they go inside, which turns out to be a bad decision--the kind for which her species is well known.

Part 1: Why Are the Walls Glowing?

1.7 No sooner do they enter than the walls begin to glow.

1.8 Bridget and Gwendolyn huddle close in fear, dearly regretting their decision to investigate.

1.9 Now the wall squirms with spectral lights; the ground bulges with blinding orbs. Whatever is happening? Terrified, the two look at each other and then . . .

Part 1: Gwendolyn Times Three

1.10 Gwendolyn dissolves into two glowing eyes and Bridget evaporates into darkness.

1.11 A burst of light and Gwendolyn—times three—tumbles through a gray-white sky.


1.12 Already landed, Bridget watches from below on solid ground. “Please, on all fours!”

Part 1: Vanishing in Time

1.13 Bridget watches as Gwendolyn—all three of her—vanishes into mid air. She gawks at an empty sky.

1.14 A thunderous “cr-a-a-a-a-c-c-c-k” splits the air. Bridget looks into the tree overhead . . .

1.15 . . . whose branches somehow shimmer like water, when a flash of yellow light fills the tree.

Part 1: The Aliens Have Landed

1.16 The blinding yellow flash fades into a form—“It’s you!” barks Bridget in relief.

1.17 “How did I get up here?” says Gwendolyn telepathically. “And where in the world our we?” She jumps down from the tree.

1.18 The pair huddles together. “This doesn’t look like Hissyfit to me,” says Bridget, apprehension tinting her thoughts yellow-brown. “But at least we got each other.”

Part II: Stranded in Strange Land

2.1  So the two aliens start their journey, heading who knows where. Cresting a hill, Bridget sees something startling below. “Now I know we’re not in Hissyfit.”

2.2 Bounding up the crest, Gwendolyn sees their newest source for alarm: “Look at the size of that beetle!” she cries. “What kind of world have we fallen into?”

2.3 “I don’t know, but let’s get out of here,” Bridget says, barreling down a hillside. “I think I smell water.”